Basics of Local SEO

The importance of Local SEO has increased in recent years. Numbers show that over 69% of the search queries are now affected by the location. It has now become important that you have optimized your website to rank locally. There are several factors behind getting good search engine ranking position in Local search. In this article we are going to discuss some of the most important factors.

1- Physical Address

Physical address is the most important factor in local ranking. For instance, a person looking for web development services in Sydney would get the nearest service provider to his location.

2- Business Category

The category of your business is also an important reason behind ranking well for the desired queries. Make sure that you choose accurate category for your business.

3- Domain Authority

Does your website has the right kind of social media and link signals coming in? Does your website depict authority? These are big factors behind ranking. Make sure your website is getting links from reputed websites and has an optimized social media campaign.

4- Quality of Citation

Citations are the presence of website links with local address. There are two kinds of citations present online; structured and unstructured citations. Structured citations are the ones which are present on any local directories or listings like Yelp and Yell. Unstructured citations can be on any other website or web page. It is important that you have good number of structured and unstructured citations. Start doing it by registering your business on local listings.

 5- Google Reviews

Quality of Google plus review is an important factor behind ranking well locally. It is important that your customers know about your page. You can ask them about reviews and suggestions on Google plus. More the reviews, higher are the chances of your business listing ranking higher for desired keywords.

 6- Authority of Structured Citations

Structured citations coming from authority website is better than any other less authority website. There are many renowned local business websites present online like Yelp, yell, Brown listing. Make sure you are getting your business registered with high authority websites.

Local SEO has impacted in a great way to how people find business online. With more and more people now looking for local business, it has become vital to get the best out of it. For this purpose follow the above points to get the best possible results.

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