Six on-page SEO factors for complete success

SEO has changed a lot over the past few years, but still there are many components that have remained the same throughout the history of search engine’s existence. Those factors are “on-page” factors. Normally we turn a blind eye towards them and this is the biggest mistakes most of the SEO guys commit. In this article we are going to discuss, in total, six on-page SEO factors that are vital to rank well in any search engine. Let us get started with it

1- Page Title
The first thing that pops up in any search engine (underlined) is known as page Title. It is vital that high converting keywords are present in the page title. Another thing to consider is that the page title should be natural and should attract visitors to click them. The optimal title length is around 70 characters. Excessively long or short titles are discouraged.

2- Meta Description
The next important thing is Meta description. It appears just under the title in search engine. The main purpose is to explain what is present on the web page. A short summary of web page with proper call to action words are ingredients to a killer Meta description.

3- Meta Keyword:

We all know that Meta keywords are of no use to search engines. But with over 200 ranking factors no one can definitely assert anything about the usefulness of Meta keyword. For the safe side use them without excessive keyword stuffing.

4- H1 Tag:
H1 is the largest heading on in any Html page. It is important to use target keyword in H1 (It should look natural). Heading tags range from H1 to H6. Use them in the best manner.

5- Alt Text
Text which is shown when image is not displayed is known at Alt text. Images cannot be accessed by the ‘bot’. It is the text which can be indexed and can be considered for ranking. Make sure you are using keywords in the Alt text. This increases relevancy of the webpage for the targeted keywords.

6- Link Text

Upon hovering over any link, a text shows up. This is the link text link. This text describes the purpose of the link. Make sure you are using keywords in this link text.

We have discussed some of the most important on-page ranking factors in SEO. These are the most overlooked factors due to which satisfactory results are seldom obtained. By following these techniques and tips great results can be achieved. For more information related to affordable SEO services in Sydney contact us here.

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