Web Browsers’ War – 2012

Ever since Internet Explorer beat out Netscape as the most popular browser, the fight has been heating up between web browsers. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera along with others have arrived on the scene to take over.

In this article we will update you about the features, performance and usage of these browsers in 2012.

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Why my Firefox browser crashes all the time?

Question: My Firefox browser is  crashing a few times every hour. It happens more when I open a large size page in a new tab and then try to close it again. if i have a large page open in a new tab, and then i close it, my Firefox crashes. How can I fix this?

Answer: Your browser might be crashing because of one of the following reasons.

  • Addons causing the problem
  • Addons causing the problem after an update in Firefox version
  • Firefox has got corrupted
  • Run Firefox in Safe mode which will turn off the Addons/extensions. If browser does not crash in Safe mode it means that there is an issue within the extensions/plugin you have installed. There is a rare possibility that hardware accelerator i.e video card has some problem. You can test it by turning off the hardware acceleration Tools -> Options -> Advanced / General
  • If an Addon is not compatible with the Firefox version, please uninstall it and test the Firefox again for any crashes.
  • If both of the above solution does not work please remove/uninstall Firefox, delete all the enteries from operation system. Remove all enteries from Registry, Delete all the directories and related files. And then install a fresh copy of your Firefox Browser.
  • McAfee antivirus component Site Advisor can also cause the problem. You can use McAfee unistaller to remove this component.

Motorola Joins Intel

Motorola and Intel has announced a major agreement at Consumer Electronic Show on Tuesday 10/01/2012. In this multi-year and multi-device strategic partnership Motorola has agreed to use Intel chips in their devices. The first Intel-based smartphone launch is expected in July-August 2012.